Lumpy Space Princess

Princess Bubblegum



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[Finn is seen playing Video Games with Jake]

Finn: (sigh) I Love Video Games, Don't You Jake?

Jake: I've always have

[Princess Bubblegum knocks on Finn's door along with Lumpy Space Princess who is waiting]

Finn: Hey, PB what's up?

PB: Finn, LSP wants to tell you something

Jake: What for?

PB: This is not your conversation, Jake!

Jake: Sorry, PB

Finn: (comes to LSP) What's going on, LSP?

LSP: I just what to tell you that I love you!

Finn: What! That's the Problem?!

LSP: You see, I could have ever have a friend like you, Finn

Finn: Really?

PB: She's really serious, well see you later guys

Finn: (blush) Well, thanks LSP nice to see that your one of my friends

LSP: I can befriend, and my can love Boys

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